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+62 8123932556
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Private Tours with Made Surisna Custom-Designed for you.

These tours are more than just hiring a driver. Made’s professionalism, expertise and personalized services will give you a doorway into Bali life. He has insight into Hindu customs and will introduce you to some of the ceremonies. If you want to meet a Balinese Priest or attend a sacred ceremony he can make the arrangements. He can even show you a Balinese home and provide a home-cooked meal. If you are the adventurous type he can arrange for an overnight hiking adventure or take you to a special beach for the best snorkeling in Bali.

Made Surisna, Driver for over 25-years and owner of Bali Cheap Cars. Fluent in English and Japanese. Also available for customizing tours to other islands and regions of Indonesia. Prices US$ 25 per person (min 2 people).

What I need from you is minimum and maximum people…US$ 25/person plus ….
What types of tours?
Can you arrange for a special ceremony with a priest?
How about entry into a home and dinner cooked by a Balinese…when Kadek went to Petulu with me we went into a home of a Balinese…it was incredible…experiences like that…CUSTOM DESIGNED!
Secret beaches
Hikes with overnight camping!!!!
With a private chef!!!!!

I can come up with a hundred ideas!!!!

For any inquire, please feel free to submit below